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This is a fabulous class for anyone wanting to give yoga a try for the first time, right up to someone who has more experience. The room is warm and scented and Chloe is fantastic at explaining the way to best get into each pose. Chloe's voice is calm, I always leave her class feeling wonderful, relaxed and in tune with my body. I never want to miss a class and that says a lot! 


North Newbald

Lovely, friendly, welcoming class. Suitable for lots of ages and abilities.


North Newbald

This is the first time I have done yoga and I'm loving it! Chloe makes it very relaxing and enjoyable. She supports you throughout the duration of the class and has all the equipment you need.


Beverley, East Yorkshire

I have seen so much improvement in my flexibility since joining this class. I have never been able to touch my toes before! It is helping me to build my strength, I am thoroughly enjoying the class. It leaves me feeling like I have reset my body and mind. 


North Newbald

I look forward to my next yoga class the minute I get home from the last one. I usually go straight from work and arrive with thoughts racing through my mind and planning my next days appointments. After an hour at Chloe's class I feel not only stretched and exercised but my mind feels so much calmer. I feel able to then think about the upcoming days and events with so much more clarity and objectivity. It's a really holistic practice for my mind and my body, thanks Chloe! 



I took Chloe's prenatal yoga class and before that I'd never done yoga before and was a bit worried about starting it now, but Chloe put my mind totally at ease and was really open and approachable and down to earth, and had recently been through pregnancy herself so really understood how I was feeling. It was such a relief to do something for me and my body and just enjoy being pregnant with other mums-to-be. Doing yoga definitely eased my back pain and helped me to sleep better, I am inspired to continue with yoga after the baby arrives- if I can find time!



I hadn't exercised seriously for some while and arrived at the yoga class with some apprehension. Although I was not the only male participant we were in the minority and I felt slightly awkward at the start. I struggled I admit- but Chloe was kind and helpful and encouraged me throughout the session without drawing too much attention my way. I managed to survive and felt sufficiently motivated to try again. A big thank you to Chloe for her help and expertise.



I'm so pleased there is finally a yoga class near me that I can get to! I've been looking for ages but never been able to make it work, so this class has been very welcome indeed! Anyone who thinks yoga is just a bit of stretching and not challenging has never done this class! The class is different every week so I never feel bored and look forward to finding out what the next week will bring. Chloe teaches the poses with several stages to try out and encourges us all to try each step until we find the one that suits us best- this way the class suits all levels but I also feel I can progress and try new things. Chloe really sets the tone with incense and peaceful music and relaxed lighting- no wonder we all fall asleep at the end! 


East Yorkshire

This was my first experience of attending a yoga class and I immediately felt at ease. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced yogi the class is adapted to suit your needs. A very welcome timeout from my busy week and I left feeling serene and relaxed, the next day I really noticed the difference too, I've not sprung out of bed like that in a long while!



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