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Class Descriptions

Hatha flow
Synchronising movement with the breath, this class flows through classical Hatha postures with some pauses to allow for added instruction. Each class is uniquely sequenced with poses aimed at building strength, flexibility, balance and control. Classes begin with centering, and end with relaxation, each class is themed and differs from week to week. 
 Gentle Yoga
 A softer more nurturing yoga class, this class offers all the poses of a flow class but in a slower-paced, well supported and relaxing practice. This class is also themed and changes from week- to week, and includes range of motion exercises and postures are approached in gradual steps with options to adjust to suit your own individual needs along the way. Classes begin with centering and end with relaxation. 
Yoga for Lunch
A progressive flow sequence designed to give you an energetic boost in the middle of your
day. Perfect for your lunch break! Use your lunch-hour to reset the mind and body. Suitable for all abilities, this class uses a combination of static and flowing postures, focusing on the breath and moving mindfully. An all-round flow you will leave feeling that you've stretched and worked every major muscle group in the body (without getting too hot and sweaty). Return to your day feeling calm, balanced and refreshed.
Mum & Baby Yoga 
Schedule some ‘me’ time into your week, this yoga class is aimed at parents with babies 6weeks- up to, but not including the stage of walking, crawling babies are welcome. Babies benefit too by being with you so you can enjoy this special time together in a calming and positive environment. Designed to align body, improve posture, promote wellbeing and strengthen the core and lower back (important after pregnancy, giving birth and with lifting and carrying young children). The gentle session will release tension in the shoulders, tone the abdomen and teach key deep-breathing exercises to alleviate tiredness and clear the mind. Includes a 10minute cuppa and chat at the end. 
Please bring with you a blanket to lay your baby on along with a couple of toys for them to play with during the session. Suitable for babies from 6 weeks (after your 6 week check)  to the stage of walking and after your 6 week check.

If you had a C-Section, please consult with your midwife or doctor before joining the course.














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